We have the pleasure of working together with the world leaders in winter special effects, the British firm Snow Business International Ltd and its representatives in other countries. Long years of experience on the set of many well-known movie productions resulted in perfecting dozens of varieties of artificial snow and ice, all paying particular attention to environmental factors and film crew safety.


As member of this international team, we take part in training workshops introducing new technologies and exchange of experience with our partners abroad.


Depending on the directors’ and operators’ needs, the angle and the closeness of the shot, as well as the location, we recommend different types of artificial snow.


We offer the following varieties of snow:




  • Paper snow in two basic versions: – environmentally friendly paper snow with no chemical additives, to be used outdoors; – inflammable paper snow for interior use Paper snow can be ordered in various sizes and hues, it's stable and water-resistant.
  • Cellulose powder – environmentally friendly and easy to clean, does not require additional support surface priming, looks like a thin layer of snow or frost, depending on the support surface.
  • Plastic snow – excellent in interior applications, photo shoots etc. Available in a great number of variants.
  • Starch snow – environmentally friendly, good for use in hard-to-reach locations as it does not require clean up or removal.
  • Polymer snow – very attractive-looking, increasing volume on contact with water, excellent when footprints are required, may be formed into snowballs, consistency may be adjusted between light down and watery slush, behaves like natural snow.
  • Foam snow – the cheapest variety, excellent for a deep snow effect and for backgrounds with no action to focus on. Does not require clean up.
  • Sparkling snow – may be added to all the other types of snow for bright sparkling reflections effect.
  • Opalescent snow – plastic snowflakes giving a fairy-tale effect, used as an add-on for all the other types of snow.




  • Foam snow – easy to use both indoors and on location. Snow generators allow adjustment of snowflake size. Biodegradable, requires no clean-up, absolutely harmless to people and animals.
  • Paper snow – scattered with propellers, excellent for a blizzard effect.
  • Foss plastic snow – also scattered with propellers, it should not be used on  location as it is not biodegradable.
  • Snow candles – offer a light snowfall effect, outdoor use only.




  • Cellulose powder – imitates light frost, excellent on all surfaces, especially on grass, trees and other uneven surfaces.
  • Paper snow – used for a heavier frost effect.
  • Wax – excellent for depicting frost-covered objects. To achieve a very heavy frost effect wax may be mixed with paper or plastic snow.